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The Swiss Copyright Act

According to a decision of the European Court of Justice ECJ one may also link to other websites without the permission of the copyright owner, without violating the copyright law.

On the basis of the not yet clarified legal situation, there is still no Swiss jurisprudence. [1]

Article 10 of the Swiss Copyright Act states that "The author or the copyright owner has the exclusive right to determine whether, when and how the work may be used." [2]


In the "Conditions of use of the website" of the Waadtländer Kantonalbank (BCV) it is specifically referred to under the heading "Trademark and copyright protection", that access and / or linking is permitted only with the written consent of BCV. [3]

My written request regarding the use of the BCV logo for this website has been rejected by the lawyer of BCV, Mr. Pierre Godel and Mr. Haldy.

[Dokument Nr. 71]

The Swiss Act, however, provides the possibility, according to Art. 25 under the Swiss Copyright law, the referral to an external content of a website within the framework of a quotation without having to ask for the author's permission.

If, despite the greatest care, I have infringed on any Swiss copyright laws with a set link or quotation, I would like to ask the readers to inform me. I will then remove the link / quote immediately.

At this point, I would like to thank the following companies for the release and permission to link to their website:

Tamedia AG

Werdstrasse 21

8004 Zürich

Finews AG

Basteiplatz 3

8001 Zürich

Ringier Axel Springer Schweiz AG

Redaktion Handelszeitung

Flurstrasse 55
8021 Zürich


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