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A credit request for a business start-up should not be a problem ...


In the beginning of 2016 I wanted to launch myself into the entrepreneurship of being self-employed and initialized the process of seeking financing through a credit institute. In order to do so I produced a business plan including a financial plan for which the financial viability has been approved by through my business accountant.

The positive result of my accountant’s assessment triggered his initiative to arrange for a consultation appointment with an employee of the  BCV in Morges, Hôtel-de-Ville. The BCV in Morges is the regional competence centre which offers consultation for its clients various requests. The regional manager SME, Mr. Patrick Blanc, who has a combined function of being the vice branch manager for the BCV branch in Morges.

According to its own statement BCV enjoys a clientele of 370,000 customers. [1] The CEO of the BCV, Mr. Pascal Kiener, stated that the BCV THE bank is for SME[2]    

In addition the CEO of the BCV commented in a different interview that through the sinking of administration expenses BCVs customer consultants have regained 30% more time for their customer relations. Which means that through this „operational excellence“, among other things, private mortgages themselves may be finalized to 100% within one week. [3]    

During the same interview given in October 2014 the CEO Mr. Kiener stated that the BCV had the future goal to identify themselves on the market due to the quality of their given services [3].


Instead of receiving - as initially hoped for through the promises made and the resulting expectations- to receive a quick and competent consultation, my request for a credit ended in an odyssey of confusion, frustration, and despair leaving no other conclusion to me that I can no longer trust the BCV.


The handling time for my credit request took 5 months


Due to the above described given facts it appeared that the BCV was the absolute ideal bank for my project. A fast, not complicated and competent service appeared to be what I could expect.

In my opinion there is absolutely no rational nor plausible reason for the 5 month processing time - beginning of March 2016 until finally the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise issued a written denial mid-August 2016 - for this credit institute. Furthermore the stated reasons within the official denial letter have all been discredited (!) and refuted (!) through facts from my business accountant as well as at a later point in time from my lawyer as well.

The mentioned rejection letter which I received was only issued due to the fact that I had to activate my legal protection insurance lawyer. Numerous own attempts to receive a written statement with the reasons behind the denial failed due to the unwillingness of the BCV!


The consultant, Mr. Christophe Meylan, did not see himself in the responsibility to issue a written statement regarding the reasons of denial.

Neither Mr. Raynald Mayor, proxy holder, nor Mr. Patrick Blanc, vice branch manager, were capable of issuing a written statement without my lawyers request!

What could the reasons be behind a 5 month processing time?


How can it be possible to speak of ”operational excellence” [3] when Switzerlands second largest cantonal bank [5] which is simultaneously Switzerlands "fourth largest bank" [4]  takes 5 months to process business credits?

Is that the mentioned quality of service, according to the BCV's CEO Mr. Pascal Kiener, that bank wants to identify to?  [3]

For me it is simply not comprehensible how the BCV could have taken 5 months to process and finally issue a written justification considering that my business plan was not concerning a highly complex business concept which would be catagorized as being a “standard” concept.


Being THE bank for SME  [2] in the canton Vaud not to mention being the "regional competence center”, the BCV in Morges Hôtel-de-Ville disposing of specialists and expertise [12,14] capable of ensuring a fast and easy fincial credit process. [13]

It is also astonishing (retrospectively), that during the complete processing time not one single consultation meeting, funding proposal nor inquiry was made regarding the business concept itself nor the financial concept which had been approved through my business accountant.

Due to the fact that there weren’t any inquiries made I did not have the necessity to make any eventual changes or corrections to my business concept.

This leaves me with only two possible conclusions:

           1. Either there was absolutely nothing to dispute about my business plan, or

           2. My business plan was (deliberately) not processed or even completely ignore

               What could have been the reasons for it?


Which business concept is my business plan all about?


Assuming that the BCV deliberately did not process my business plan the pending question is, what is/are the reasons behind this intention?


My business plan is described as being an internet based ironing service with an outsourcing of its services to an EU country. This aspect enables me to offer my clients attractive prices and to enable me to offer my services to a larger sector of clients. Considering the close economical relationships between Switzerland and the EU due to bilateral contracts, my business concept was absolutely achievable beyond Switzerland’s border.


Swiss Protektionism?

Even though through official government agencies, such as SECO it is often reported that SECO is committed to an open Swiss economy [6]. “Swiss Protectionism” [7] is also often reported in the Swiss media.

Whether it be a political [7], lobbyist [11] or industry-driven [8] protectionism, all of them have the same objective of “putting foreign operators on the domestic market at a disadvantage in order to protect the domestic market.” [9]

KLV Verlag even counts “many private market cartels” and a “high degree of protectionism” (= measures to protect one’s own economy) “as” peculiarities “of the Swiss market”. [10]


I would like to point out by means of the chronological sequence of my 5-month credit request, the actions of the BCV - from my point of view - suggest protectionsism.


I would like to give all readers the opportunity to make their own opinion through reading the documents.

I would be glad if you shared your experiences with me. If you have experienced similar or other circumstances, please contact me.






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 A few words about me ...

In the beginning of 2016 I wanted to launch myself into the entrepreneurship of being self-employed and initialized the process of seeking financing through a credit institute. In order to do so I produced a business plan including a financial plan for which the financial viability has been approved by through my business accountant.


...  and on this website

With this website, I would like to inform all people about how Banque Cantonale Vaudoise BCV treats its customers. On the basis of my own experiences, I describe my experiences gained on these pages. At the same time, I would like to keep other potential customers of the BCV before their workings and their statements before possible damage!

Picture: Banque Cantonale Vaudoise in Morges, Place de l'Hôtel-de-Ville 2