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The international business activities of BCV

As emphasized by Patrick Blanc in his letter [Dokument Nr. 25] and [Dokument Nr. 27], BCV being a cantonal bank is confined to the local market - the Canton of Vaud - solely with its business activities. Activities outside the canton would be very limited, activities outside Switzerland would be even more restrictive.

Would Mr. Blanc express his insurances that BCV (almost) did not make any foreign business or has ever made it?

Is it Mr. Blancs intention to ensure the fact that BCV (almost solely) does not deal with any foreign business or ever has in the past?
In my research on the truth content of this statement by Mr. Blanc, I found already after few searches in Google amazing information!


1. As can be read in the issue of Handelszeitung.ch of 09.11.2010, the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise had made business advances to Greece and Hong Kong in the 1990s.

2. As can be read in a communication published on 29.03.2011, BCV opened an office in Zurich. [2]


3. In a newspaper interview "Le Temps" from 15.09.2015, the CEO of BCV, Pascal Kiener, comments on the geographical activities of the bank and that BCV would have decided to limit its expansion to the neighboring countries of Switzerland. [1]

4. In a press release dated 28.12.2015 it can be read on the Handelszeitung.ch, BCV paid out the tax dispute with the United States by paying a fine of US $ 41.7 million  as an out of court settlement.

5. In the English Wikipedia edition you can find under the entry of 'BCV' or 'Banque Cantonale Vaudoise' that it operates a branch on the Channel Island of Guernsey.

6. As a publication noted on 17 October 2015 on NZZ.ch and on 30.09.2015 on agefi.com, BCV acts as a credit provider for a Canadian-Turkish company in the province of Saskatchewan in Canada [3], [4]

7. Last but not least, on BCV's website it is stated that BCV is part of an international network of banks and financial institutions covering all regions of the world. [5]

These 7 examples were relatively fast and easy to find!
It raises the question as to what Mr. Blanc intention was regarding his statements in the letters [Dokument Nr. 25] and [Dokument Nr. 27]?
Are these 7 randomly found documents confirming canton external business conducts of the BCV 'only' to be considered as coincidental cases?
Why does a bank need an international network when it claims to be active only in its own canton?


Or would Mr. Blanc, with his two statements, have the goal to try to create and / or maintain a false impression?


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