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Chronological sequence

22.07.2016 - 24.08.2016

Legal Costs Insurance CAP in Lausanne will be stepped-in














After receiving the first official letter from BCV [Dokument Nr. 22] uand the unsatisfactory result of not having a plausible and justifiable reason for my credit denial after more than 4 months, I decided to send a letter together with Mr. Paux to my legal costs insurance CAP.

[Dokument Nr. 23]



The reply to the conversation dated 19 July 2016 with Mr. Paux and the letter from Mr. Blanc [Dokument Nr. 22] dated 20.07.2016

IIn my letter dated 25.07.2016, I once again take an explicit view on some of Mr. Blanc's statements:

-  If it was really the official business policy of BCV not to do business 'abroad', why was that not reported by Mr. Meylan at the 

   first meeting on 11.03.2016?

   nicht von Herrn Meylan beim ersten Gespräch am 11.03.2016 mitgeteilt?

- Why had Mr. Blanc rejected a business plan in German? German is one of the four official languages of Switzerland.

- Why does Mr. Blanc advise his customers to 'change the horse'?

My trustee, Mr. Paux, is in copy of the email.

[Dokument Nr. 24]



Answer Mr. Blanc to our email dated 25.07.2016

Vice branch manager of BCV in Morges, Mr. Patrick Blan, states in his letter that the activities of the bank are strongly limited to the local market, in rare cases outside the canton of Vaud and even less often outside of Switzerland.

Regarding the rejection of a business plan in German, Mr. Blanc - only 5 days later - can not remember having made such a statement. At the same time he also speaks for his colleague, Mr. Mayor!

In contrast to Mr. Blanc and Mayor, Mr. Paux could still remember Mr. Blanc's statements!

Mr. Blanc seems to be 'done' with discussing with me furhter, or how else is the statement "to come to an end - pour terminer ..."


If it was really the official business policy of BCV not to do business 'abroad', why was not that told me by Mr. Meylan at the first meeting on 11.03.2016?

My planned company would have had its place of business (siège social) in Romanel-sur-Morges. This was written 6 times in the business plan. It is incomprehensible to me how one can not speak in this case of a local, Swiss company!

Regarding the memory capacity of some BCV staff, amnesia [2] appears to occur more frequently. As an Internet article from RTS INFO, Gilbert Duchoud had already suffered a "curious amnesia". [1]

My trustee, Mr. Paux, is also a copy of Mr. Blanc's email.

[Dokument Nr. 25]



Letter from my legal costs insurance CAP to Mr. Blanc, BCV

My legal costs insurance informs BCV about:

- the gaps and the lack of motivation in my dossier

- the working methods of BCV is incomprehensible and not at all comprehensible

- after divers months waiting period, without negative signs - on the contrary, BCV was open to my project - I out of the blue

   received a rejection without reason.

- this unpredictable and impacting decision had catastrophic effects on further development, both private and business.

- the damage caused by BCV is serious and attributable to the operation of BCV.

Furthermore, for the above reasons, CAP asks BCV, Mr. Blanc:

- to provide a precise and detailed justification for the credit rejection.

[Dokument Nr. 26]



Mr. Blanc answer to the letter from CAP dated 03.08.2016

Contrary to the precise and detailed reasons desired by my legal costs insurance, I received only a few sentences without strong evidence supporting the claims of BCV. Statements were made without giving any detailed answers to the questions of which basis the BCV assumptions were resulting. BCV came to conclusions based on assumptions only.

This letter regarding the reasons for the credit denial of the BCV, is completely contradictional to my trustee Mr. Paux, and my lawyer, Mr. de Preux. See also [Dokument Nr. 60 - items 43 and 45, page 9]

[Dokument Nr. 27]



Mr. Paux’s opinion regarding the leter from Mr. Blanc, BCV dated 15.08.2016

In his letter Mr. Paux states:

1. BCV has not properly responded, neither fully to the letter of the legal protection insurance nor with regard to the caused  


2. BCV knows the market, since they already financed a competitive company in 2014. This is advertised on the BCV website.

3. This competing company was able to register more than 1200 clients within the first 9 months after company founding. The

    development of this competing company was rapid. In contrast, my business plan was seen as being too optimistic.

4. The mentioned competitor’s price for the same service is about 4-5 times higher than mine. Mr. Paux wonders whether BCV

    wants to protect this competing company? Based on the very attractive pricing of my service there will be a significantly larger

    potential customer group which I address to.

5. In the letter [Dokument Nr. 27] from the BCV dated 15.08.2016, it is stated that the BCV made a detailed analysis of my

    business plan. Was this not the case previously?

6. Regarding the exclusive local activities of the BCV, Mr. Paux specifically mentions Hong Kong and the USA, in which BCV

    is/was active.

7. My company's headquarter would have been in Romanel-sur-Morges and would have created local jobs. Taxes and social

    security contributions would have also been made to the canton of Vaud.

8. Mr. Paux points out that BCV asked about my financial situation 2 months after I filed for the business loan request. These assets could have been used for hedging the credit.

To summarise, Mr. Paux notes that the BCV’s analysis was largely inadequate. In addition, there appears to be no interest taken to process my file. BCV was misleading me from the very beginning. In the opinion of my trustee, the letter [Dokument Nr. 27] from BCV dated 15.08.2016 is not receivable.

[Letter - Dokument Nr. 28a]

[Calculations with different variants - Dokument Nr. 28b]


According to Mr Mayor's statement from 14.07.2016, BCV seems to be looking at my planned company as a "foreign competition" for local companies. Was that the reason why I had never heard from Mr. Meylan and I was 'held up' with his correspondence, hoping that I would jump off and ask for another credit at another bank?

My company would have been a local Swiss company, which would have had its headquarters in Romanel-sur-Morges. Tax would have been paid in Switzerland as well as the jobs it would have created as mentioned in detail in my business plan.

Next: Go to Law firm from Geneva will be involved


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