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Chronological sequence

04.07.2016 - 21.07.2016

Patrick Blanc (vice branch manager) und Raynald Mayor (proxy holder)

both BCV

04.07.2016 -

















This week I had tried to arrange an appointment between Mr. Paux, my trustee, and Mr. Meylan. However, this has failed. I then decided to contact a BCV manager directly.



Sought contact person at BCV branch office in Morges for discussion.

Regarding: Complaint concerning a missing written reason for the refusal of the loan application

The first conversation was conducted with Mr. Raphael Boylan. He referred me to Mr. Raynald Mayor. After a short briefing on my subject, Mr. Mayor promised to speak to Mr. Meylan and to inform me of the outcome from their conversation the following day.

[Documented conversation - Dokument Nr. 17]

Second meeting with Mr. Mayor.

Regarding: Complaint concerning a missing written reason for the refusal of the loan application


Mr. Mayor gave me a written reason for the rejection of the loan application after 17 weeks.

[Dokument Nr. 19]


- Does an official document of the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise look like this?

- Must a customer need to wait 17! weeks wait to get such a document?

- Why could the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise could not submit any further documents to the defend their allegations?

- It is of specific interest of how a Swiss company may receive as a reason for a credit denial the following statement from Mr. Mayor: "Coeur du système basé hors du canton de Vaud" ???

As can be read in my business plan, the planned company is registered in Switzerland and based in Romanel-sur-Morges.

Mr. Mayor suggested that I apply for a loan to be granted from the Cautionnement Romand!

Does this mean that Mr. Meylan had never asked for an application at Cautionnement Romand as was requested during the discussion with my trustee Mr. Paux on 11.03.2016 ???

[Documented conversation - Dokument Nr. 18]


Third meeting with Mr. Mayor.

It concerned the clarification of the questions which arose from the given reasons of denial according to Mr. Mayor. In particular, I asked Mr. Mayor the following information:

1. Which BCV employee read and evaluated the business plan?

    Answer Raynald Mayor: Mr. Meylan and a credit analyst read the business plan. The credit analyst is a lawyer and worked 

    together with Mr. Mayor (previously) at Credit Suisse.

2. Why could this person - the credit analyst - not tell me the result?

    Answer Raynald Mayor: It would not be the task of the credit analyst, this would be the responsibility of Mr. Meylan or Mr.

    Mayor. It was the fault of Mr. Meylan and / or Mr. Mayor that I did not receive any information regarding my request.

3. Why was I not contacted by an employee of the BCV directly to clarify any discrepancies?

    Answer Raynald Mayor: Mr. Mayor had no answer.

4. On the basis of which criteria (facts, calculations, evaluations) did BCV come to the conclusion to reject the loan? Which data

was taken into account to during the analysis?

    Answer Raynald Mayor: On the basis of the experience of the credit analyst, the loan application had been rejected .

5. What is the risk assessment of BCV? My trustee is talking about a low credit risk!

    Answer Raynald Mayor: On the following day, the BCV risk assessment would be discussed together with our trustee, Mr.Paux.

6. Why did Mr. Meylan not contact Cautionnement Romand as Mr. Paux requested?

    Answer Raynald Mayor: Mr. Mayor will make contact on the same day with the Cautionnement Romand and called Mr. Abetel.

Mr Mayor also pointed out that, according to BCV's credit analyst, there were also pressing and ironing services in the canton Vaud, which would be exposed to foreign competition by my service. The money earned with my planned ironing service would “flow abroad”.




Please contact me if you would like to hear the entire interview.

[Documented conversation - Dokument Nr. 20]

Interview with Mr. Mayor in the office of Mr. Paux.

Mr. Paux was informed by me regarding the interview with Mr. Mayor in the BCV branch Hôtel-de-Ville the day before. Mr. Paux and Mr. Mayor spoke in French. Mr. Paux confronted Mr. Mayor in particular with the financial part of the business plan, which was rated "low risk" by Mr. Paux himself.

This assessment is in strong contrast to the allegations made by Mr. Mayor [Dokument Nr. 19] that there is not enough financial reserve.

Mr. Paux also made a direct reference to a company that offers a similar service than my business plan. This company is funded by BCV and is presented on the BCV website under the title"Blanchisserie du 21e siècle trouve finacement" [4]. In the further conversation between Mr. Paux and Mr. Mayor, Mr. Mayor said that my selling prices were "dumping prices"!

In this approximately one-hour conversation, Mr. Paux was able to disprove all the statements made by Mr. Mayor in [Dokument Nr. 19] and to provide evidence. Mr. Mayor was finally aware of the seriousness of the damage caused by BCV and asked about the compensation amount of financial damages!

A further call for the next week was agreed with Mr. Blanc, Deputy Head of Office and Regional Manager SME, after his holiday return.

[Documented conversation - Dokument Nr. 55]


Interview with Mr. Mayor and Mr. Blanc in the office of Mr. Paux.

During the conversation held in French, Mr. Blanc made the following statements:
1. It would not be in accordance with BCV's business policy to carry out, promote or support business abroad.
2. He would have rejected a business plan in German.
3. Because of the long wait I shout have “changed the horse” and have gone to another bank
4. BCV would have worked well and correctly (error-free). On the basis of the facts submitted by Mr. Paux and myself, Mr. Blanc acknowledged BCV failures

[Documented conversation - Dokument Nr. 21]



- If it was really the official business policy of BCV not to do business 'abroad', why was that not reported by Mr. Meylan during

  the first meeting on 11.03.2016??

- Why had Mr. Blanc rejected a business plan in German? German is one of the four official languages of the country

  of Switzerland.
- Why does Mr. Blanc advise his customers to "change the horse"? Is this the understanding of customer service or "operational excellence"?
- Why does Mr. Blanc claim that BCV would have worked flawlessly and must then afterwards admit to making mistakes?

My conversations from July 19th, 2016 will be sent to Mr. Paux by email.

[Dokument Nr. 72]

After more than 4 months I received the first official document of the BCV regarding my request for a loan request.
Mr. Blanc and Mr. Mayor apologize in this letter for delays in the processing of my dossier as well as for late communication from BCV!
However, BCV does not provide me with any reasons for rejecting the credit request in this letter!
This means: After more than 4 months I still have no (official) information with the reasons for the credit denial.

[Dokument Nr. 22]




uring the complete correspondence with Mr. Blanc and Mr. Mayor, there was never any mention of the fact that there had already been any communication regarding  Mr Meylan's credit agreement on 18 May 2016. The lawyer of BCV, Mr. Pierre Godel, alleges this in his letter of 16 December 2016 [Dokument Nr. 51].


According to Mr. Mayor's statement on 14.07.2016, BCV seems to be looking at my planned company as a "foreign competition" for local companies. Was that the reason why I had never heard from Mr. Meylan and I was 'held up' with his correspondence, hoping that I would jump off and ask for another credit at another bank?

My company would have been a local Swiss company, which would have had its headquarters in Romanel-sur-Morges. Tax would have been paid in Switzerland and jobs created. This was all described in detail in my business plan.

Next: Go to Legal Costs Insurance CAP in Lausanne will be stepped-in

The real reason why BCV rejected my business plan - Raynald Mayor, proxy holder BCV


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