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Chronological sequence

11.03.2016 - 30.06.2016

Christophe Meylan von BCV -

Consultant SME















































First meeting at BCV together with our tax accountant Mr. Paux and BCV’s SME consultant Mr. Meylan.                

The interview was conducted in French by my trustee, Mr. Paux, who spoke together with Mr. Meylan in French since Mr. Meylan unfortunately does not speak and understand German. The duration of the conversation was approximately 1.5 hours.

The aim of the discussion was to submit a loan application for my start-up which was to be funded by BCV and Cautionnement Romand [1]. For this purpose, Mr.  Paux discussed in detail the business model, the business plan, the sustainability of the concept as well as the financial situation and a possible hedging of the credit (for example, the 2nd + 3rd pillar).
During the long conversation Mr. Meylan did not take any notes.


All the documents requested by BCV were sent by email to Mr. Meylan with Mr. Paux in a copy of the email.

[Dokument Nr. 1]



1. Reminder / 1. Requesting status quo

[Dokument Nr. 2]



After 3 weeks, Mr. Meylan had already proposed the business plan to the Service d'analyse. BCV was open to the presentation.

Mr. Meylan also asked about the corporate form of the company to be founded and the amount of equity I intend to invest.

[Dokument Nr. 3]



My reply to Mr. Meylan's email requests.


1. Did Mr. Meylan or someone else at BCV not read the business plan?

On pages 1, 3 and 4 of the business plan the company form is mentioned 6 times in total!

In addition, the company form was also stated by Mr. Paux at the meeting on 11.03.2016.

[Dokument Nr. 4]



After four weeks, Mr. Meylan began with examination of the submitted documents regarding the funding of my requested credit.

He will keep me informed. Is this statement a lie?

Neither Christophe Meylan nor any other BCV co-worker has "kept me informed" as promised.


Who are the «instances décisionelles»?  

[Dokument Nr. 5]



2. Reminder/ 2. Requesting status quo after a waiting period of 8 weeks.


How much time do the «instances décisionelles» (decision makers) need for making a decision?

[Dokument Nr. 6]



Second conversation at the BCV in Morges, Hôtel-de-Ville

For the second time, Mr. Meylan has to ask questions, which were already discussed during the meeting on 11.03.2016. It seems to be confirmed that Mr. Meylan at the said date on 13.03. had not made any notes. So I had to inform him repeatedly about the financial situation (cash assets accounts, 2nd pillar and 3rd pillar), which had already been done by Mr. Paux on 11.03.2016. For the sake of completeness, I informed Mr. Meylan that additional assets would be available in the form of shares, life and annuity insurance for credit protection. Since I did not know this information by heart, I promised him in the approximately 10-15 minute conversation to send him this information at short notice by email.



Does BCV or Mr. Meylan need more than 8 weeks to know what documentation is needed in order to decide about a credit finance for a business start-up?

As can be seen on the Linkedin entry of Mr. Meylan, he is a long-time employee of BCV and has been responsible for about 400 SME (PME) customers. [3]

Document no. 16 confirms what the content of the meeting was about on May 18, 2016!


The information requested by Mr. Meylan was sent to him by e-mail.

[Dokument Nr. 7]



I requested feedback whether the information submitted was sufficient.

[Dokument Nr. 8]


Mr. Meylan needed 11 days to confirm receipt of the information sent by email on 23.05.16. He also mentioned a new conversation with the service d'analyse?

Once again he promised to keep me informed, which he did not. Is that another lie?

[Dokument Nr. 9]


3. Reminder / 3. Requesting status quo

[Dokument Nr. 10]


Again another disappointing answer, in which I am once again consoled.

[Dokument Nr. 11]



4. Reminder / 4. Requesting status quo

[Dokument Nr. 12]



Credit request was declined per telephone by Mr. Meylan.


Due to the linguistic problems, I asked Mr. Meylan to issue me the detailed reasons for the cancellation in writing in order to be able to understand the reasoning behind BCV's credit refusal.



First request for a written statement concerning the credit refusal.

[Dokument Nr. 13]



Mr. Meylan’s answer regarding the request for a written justification.

«Par ce mail, je fais suite à notre entretien téléphonique de la semaine dernière. Comme évoqué à cette occasion, notre établissement ne peut malheureusement pas envisager une entrée en matière sur le financement demandé.»


Why would Mr. Meylan refuse to give a written reason for rejecting the loan application?

[Dokument Nr. 14]



An additional second request for a written justification.

[Dokument Nr. 15]


Third request for a written justification, otherwise his superiors will be informed.

In addition, this letter shows what the content of the conversation was - contrary to Mr. Godel's allegations in the letter of 16.12.2016 - regarding the second meeting on 18.05.2016 at the BCV together with Mr. Meylan.


«Pendant notre denier rdv [le 18.05.16] chez vous, vous avez demandé exactement les mêmes questions que Monsieur Paux a vous informé chez notre premier rdv [11.03.16] deux mois tout au premier!»

[Dokument Nr. 16]




Is this the quality of work of an employee of BCV's , which Pierre Godel, BCV’s lawyer, on 16.12.2016 stated that Mr Meylan had worked intensively and had done everything humanly possible to make our loan application possible?

How can Mr. Melyan work for me if he can not read the business plan, since it is written in German?

[Refer to Dokument Nr. 51]

Next: Go to Patrick Blanc (vice branch manager) and Raynald Mayor (proxy holder)



Itemization / footnote:

1. Internetseite Cautionnement Romand / Bürgschaft Westschweiz (2017)
    au service des PME / im Dienste der KMU

     Sektion: Coopérative vaudoise de promotion du cautionnement CVC
    [Online im Internet:] URL: http://www.crcpme.ch/ [Stand 19.06.2017]

2. Treffpunkt der Finanzwelt finews.ch (2014)

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3. Linkedin Profil: Christophe Meylan, Conseiller commercial PME, Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (BCV)

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